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Link between the occurrence of various forms of cancer and chronic exposure to pesticides

Ghulam Nabi, Bashir Ahmad, Ghufran, Akhtar Hussain, Sikandar Khan

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

The occurrence of cancer in human is strongly associated with chronic exposure to various pesticides. Users may be exposed to pesticides through different ways, such as inhalation (absorption through the lungs) dermal contact (absorption through the skin or eyes) or ingestion (through the mouth). The pesticides such as, arsenic pesticides, dicamba, dieldrin, carbofuran, carbamate, organophosphate, phenyoxyaceticacid, furans, dioxin, pendimethlin and metolachlor are associated with lung cancer. Chronic exposure of dioxin, herbicides, maneb/mancozeb, parathion and carbaryl are extensively associated with the development of melanoma. Similarly the occurrence of prostate cancer is linked with organochlorine, triazine and organophosphates. Pancreatic cancer can be caused by chronic exposure to DDT, DDD ethylan, pendimethalin and overall organochlorine pesticides while breast cancer is strongly linked with organochlorines. This mini review focuses some of the commonly used pesticides and its association with the development of various forms of cancers. Keywords: Cancer, Arsenic, Pesticides