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The frequency of subarachnoid hemorrhage from very small cerebral aneurysms (

Parviz Dolati, Daniel Pittman, William F Morrish, John H Wong, and Garnette R Sutherland

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Background: The prevailing view amongst neurosurgeons is that the larger the aneurysm, the higher the chance of rupture. This implies that very small aneurysms rarely rupture. To investigate this theory, we conducted a population-based analysis of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, with an emphasis on aneurysm size at the time of rupture. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed hospital records and radiological tests of all patients admitted to Foothills Medical Center, Calgary, Alberta, with a ruptured saccular aneurysm from January 2008 to January 2012. The size of the dome and neck (in millimeters), aspect ratio (aneurysm depth to aneurysm neck), and location of the aneurysms were determined using preoperative computed tomography angiography and digital subtraction angiography. Findings: One hundred and twenty three patients with a ruptured saccular aneurysm were identified. The average size of the dome, neck, and aspect ratio was 6.64.4 mm (range 1.5-26 mm), 3.1 mm, and 2.60.9, respectively. Forty-six patients (37%) had a ruptured aneurysm with dome size