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Occupational health and safety studies and assessment of asthma in employees working in yarn making sector of a textile industry near Wan-Radha-Ram

Hina Chaudhry, Maryam Ijaz, Alina Khan

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

The importance of health and safety at work cannot be denied as sound health is prerequisite for efficient performance and productive work. Workers in yarn making industries are constantly exposed to cotton dust and are liable to develop impairment of lungs functions. Numerous studies have investigated the effects of exposure to cotton dust on pulmonary functions. Occupational asthma is one of the respiratory problems associated with the exposure to cotton dust whether this exposure is for long term or short term. Physical hazards and prevalence of occupational asthma in yarn making department of the textile industry in Wan-Radha-Ram were assessed for four months and for three months respectively. The physical hazards and prevalence of occupational asthma in workers of the industry were assessed with the help of instruments and data was also collected through personal observations and questionnaires. Both qualitative and quantitative results were obtained. The measured values were compared with their respective standards. The results revealed that physical parameters were not within permissible limits set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) during the study period. Especially the noise level in ring department and relative humidity in packing department was 93-95 dB and 91-95% respectively. The risk of prevalence of asthma was high in the female workers which were working in mixing department and card rooms were more vulnerable to get affected with the low and short term exposure to cotton dust as compared to male workers working in the same department and with the same social status. The outcome of the study indicated that here is lack of health and safety measures in yarn making department. Precautions have to be taken to prevent the workers from exposure to cotton dust. Strict compliance for the use of personal protective equipments such as respirators and ear muffs is required. Keywords: Yarn making industry, Physical hazards, Occupational asthma