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Micropropagation of Common Yew Using Embryo Culture

Seyed Javad Davarpanah, Mehrdad Lahouti, Ramin Karimian

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports

Common yew Taxus baccata L. is an evergreen, slow growing tree, indigenous of hyrcanian forests in Iran. Discovery of Paclitaxel as an anti tumor agent in the bark of Taxus has increased importance of this plant for treatment of breast and ovary cancer, especially 7000 women die annually due to breast cancer in Iran. Regarding destructive method of Paclitaxel production and protection of the yew as an endangered tree in Iran, micropropagation using embryo culture can be considered as an efficient method to increase Taxus resources in Iran. In this regard, effects of different culture medium compositions, active charcoal concentrations and gibberellic acid on embryo culture of Taxus baccata L. were studied. Murashig and Skoog culture medium at half and complete strengths of macronutrients and active charcoal at concentrations of 0, 2, 4 and 6 g/L were used. Based on experimental data MS/2 + 2 g/L active charcoal appeared to be the most effective treatment for successful embryo culture.