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Investigation of the Effect of Substrate Conditions on Electron Transfer of Glucose Oxidase

Khadijeh Eskandari, Sharareh Sajjadi, Amir-Homayon Keihan, Mehdi Kamali, Jamal Rashidiani, Zahra safiri

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports

Direct electron transferring of glucose oxidase was investigated on reduced graphene and graphene oxide templates. The direct electrochemistry glucose oxidase on graphene showed a cyclic voltammograms corresponding to the FAD/FADH2 redox couple with an anodic, cathodic and formal potential of -430, -460 and -445 mV, respectively in 0.1 M phosphate buffer solution and air saturated condition for similarity of in vivo usage. The cyclic voltammograms of glucose oxidase on graphene is reversible. Also, the voltammograms results show, the current intensity of glucose oxidase on graphene is high, due to fast electron transferring. Moreover, the linear rang concentration of glucose on graphene are 0.49 M. These studies make useful insight into the enzyme immobilization on nanoparticles for biosensors and bio-fuel cell preparation.