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Evaluation of Polymerization Shrinkage of Light Cured Composite Resins

Ravisankar Damineni, Abhilash, Mashalkar Shailendra, G Sharaschandra Reddy.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the polymerization shrinkage of four different light cured composite resins used for restorative purposes by measuring shrinkage strain. Materials and Method: Thirty composite samples were divided into three groups of ten each. An experimental design was made to record the shrinkage strain while curing the composite sample. The readings were recorded and statistical analysis was done. Results: Results showed samples in group II (fiber reinforced composite) had least polymerization shrinkage whereas group III (Nano filled composite) had the highest shrinkage. Conclusion: Resin matrix composition, filler volume, type of filler and lot of other factors has to be considered before selecting a composite resin for a successful restoration.