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A Rare Case of Amyloid Goiter: Ultrasonographic Findings and Thioflavin T Staining

Vipul V Solanki, Digish U Vaghela, Arunkumar Marekar, Shamji R Chauhan, Seema N Baxi.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Clinically significant enlargement of the thyroid gland by amyloid deposition is rare. A case study of 22-year-old lady with gradual enlargement of the thyroid gland has been presented. Routine haemological, biochemical test including thyroid function tests were normal. Ultrasonographic findings were nonspecific. Amyloid goiter has to be differentiated from other types of goitre and malignancy. FNAC was found to be suspicious for the presence of amyloid. Special staining with thioflavin T confirmed amyloid deposition.