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Management of Medically Compromised Patient in Periodontal Practice: An Overview (Part 1)

Monali Shah, Deepak Dave, Rahul Dave, Ashit Bharwani, Amit Shah.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Periodontal management of the medically compromised patients require acquisition of complete health history as well as dental history of the patient. This should include documentation via questionnaire as well as a verbal history. Preferably an oral history should also be obtained as a review of systems. The dental history should also include questions related to current oral conditions such as periodontal disease or oral ulceration and past dental treatment and potential complications from prior intervention including treatment failure and the delivery of anesthesia or post-treatment medication. The first step in managing the patients with medical problems is acquiring thorough health history of the patients. The second step for the periodontist is to fully understand the significance of the diseases that may have affected the patient. Each identified condition can affect periodontal treatment in a unique manner. The periodontist needs to understand the potential complications that can occur as a consequence of the treatment of a medically compromised patient. Also deciding pre-treatment or post-treatment medication or emergency care is required. This part of review focuses on a number of medical problems that the periodontist might encounter in daily practice that necessitate extra knowledge and care to prevent potential complications causing otherwise unnecessary morbidity and mortality of the patients. These include diabetes, multiple drug interactions and important cardiac diseases.