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Community Analysis of Endophytic Fungi In Medicinal Plant Gloriosa Superba

Abhishek Budhiraja, Sanjay Kumar, Kunal Nepali, Sanjna Kaul,Kanaya Lal Dhar.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: All plants are expected to host endophytes, but only 3% of plants have been explored for their fungal communities. Aim of the present study was to isolate the mycoflora of Gloriosa superba, an important medicinal plant of subcontinent. Material and Methods: Different parts of G. superba were surface sterilized and internal tissues were aseptically exposed to the culture media unless the growth of mycelia was observed. Each fungal isolate was cultured separately to get the pure culture for further evaluation and analysis. Each culture was identified on the basis of its morphological characteristics and bioactive isolates were also characterized on the basis of their molecular profiling. Results: 42 isolates belonging to 22 different genera were obtained and were identified. 5 isolates exhibited good antimicrobial and anticancer potential against human pathogenic bacterial strains and human cancer cell lines. These isolates were identified on the basis of their molecular characteristics. PCR was done using Primers for ITS region and PCR products of the isolates were sequenced and their sequences were BLASTED to NCBI. Sequences were also submitted to GenBank. Conclusion: Results of the present study confirmed that plants are associated with microorganisms which are present in their internal tissues. These microorganisms survive in symbiotic relationship with their hosts and may provide assistance to their host to protect them against various pathogens.