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Perception of Smile Esthetics: A comparative Evaluation in Orthodontist and Laypersons

Divyaroop Rai, Anuroop Rai, Vikas Gill, Tripti Rai.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aims: The purpose of this investigation was to compare the difference in esthetic perception of the professionals and the laypersons in posed/social smile among young adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Materials and Methods: Images of the posed smile were captured with a digital camera from the 60 non-orthodontic treated young adults (30 males, 30 females) and were judged by panels of 10 laypersons and orthodontists each. Visual analog scale was used to measure the pleasantness of smile and Likert scale was used to observe the importance of inciso-gingival display, upper vertical lip thickness, lower vertical lip thickness, buccal corridor and smile arc in smile attractiveness. Pearsons correlation and chi square test was used to identify determinants of the pleasing smile from the results of a Visual analog scale and Likert scale. Results: The esthetic smile judgment of orthodontists disagreed with those of laypersons. Three factors formed significant components of a pleasant smile, for orthodontists (inciso-gingival display, upper lip & buccal corridor) and three for laypersons (upper lip, lower lip & smile arc). Conclusion: Inciso-gingival display, upper lip, lower lip and buccal corridor proved to be the most influential variables in smile esthetics.