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A Short Term Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Diode Laser and Hand Instruments for Gingival Curettage

Chirag Shah, Bhavesh Modi, Shilpa Budhiraja, Khushboo Desai.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Objectives: This randomized split-mouth clinical trial was designed to evaluate the effect of gingival curettage with diode laser to gingival curettage with hand instruments. Materials and methods: A total of 34 chronic periodontitis subjects, of both genders, were selected. 5 mm or deep periodontal pockets (up to 7mm), indicated for curettage procedures were chosen from each subject. In all patients contralateral sides were randomly divided into experimental and control site. The patients had undergone scaling and root planing before curettage procedure. On the experimental site curettage was done with diode laser (980 nm) and on control site curettage was done with hand instruments (gracey curettes). Clinical data were collected at baseline, 1 week, 6 weeks and 3 months after therapy. Results: There was a significant improvement of all the clinical parameters - relative attachment level (RAL), probing pocket depth (PPD), plaque index (PI), modified gingival index (MGI) for both groups (P