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Frenectomy Using Electrocautery: A Case Series.

Sneha Shah, Vandana Rathwa, Monali Shah, Deepak Dave.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: While performing frenectomy, conventional scalpel techniques have their own traditional drawbacks. To overcome them, we have novel techniques like electrocautery and lasers, which are increasingly being used in routine periodontal practice. However, there isnt sufficient evidence supporting the use of electrocautery in frenectomy. Aim of the study is to compare the conventional scalpel technique and the electrocautery technique for frenectomy procedure. Material & Method: Two cases were selected. For the 1st case, electrocautery was used, while for the 2nd case, conventional scalpel technique was used for frenectomy. For both the patients, similar clinical parameters were assessed at baseline, 1 week and 1 month. Result: Clinically, both the cases showed similar improvement post 1 week as well as post 1 month. Conclusion: This case series shows equivalent results for both the techniques, with slight benefit of the electrocautery over the other, in terms of patient comfort.