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Modern Day Endodontics with Root Canal Treatment and Fibre Reinforced Composite Core Built up as a Means of Avoiding Crown Placement in a Single Appointment A Case Report

Chintan Joshi, Hardik Mewada, Mahendra Patel, Pathik Patel.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Single visit root canal treatment option is recently considered to be best for irreversible pulpitis and aymptomatic apical periodontitis cases. Also when gross coronal tooth structure has been destroyed by caries, post enodontically it is important to give a restoration which would reinforce the remaining tooth structure and resist fracture against heavy occlusal loading. So, in this particular case, single visit root canal treatment was opted and fibre reinforced nanohybrid composite system was used for reinforcing the coronal tooth portion. Follow up of 2 years showed no signs of any fracture of the crown portion without any symptom related to the root canal treatment.