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Accuracy of Different Elastomeric Impression Materials Using Dual Arch Impression Trays: An In Vitro Study

Sareen Duseja, Dipti Shah, Kalpesh Vaishnav, Shilpa Duseja, Santosh Kumar, Khushboo Desai.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: This study was done to evaluate the accuracy of dies obtained after pouring different elastomeric impression materials in different viscosities using dual arch/ triple trays. Materials and Method: Tooth preparation was done on mandibular left first molar in a typodont. Fifty impressions each of condensation silicon (putty and light body), vinyl polysiloxane (putty and light body), monophase vinyl polysiloxane and monophase polyether were made in dual arch/triple trays. These impressions were poured in Type IV gypsum. The buccolingual width of the prepared tooth was calculated and was compared with the dies prepared using stereomicroscope. The data was subjected to ANOVA test. Results: The dies obtained from impressions made with monophase vinyl polysiloxane in triple trays were most accurate followed by monophase polyether, condensation silicon (putty and light body) and vinyl polysiloxane (putty and light body). Conclusion: Triple trays when used in conjunction with proper impression material and technique may prove to be a simplified yet accurate method of impression making.