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Percutaneous Injuries Amongst Dentists of Ahmedabad City: A Questionnaire Survey

Akash Azad, Niraj Kinariwala, Rupal Vaidya, Shraddha Chokshi.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aims: To investigate amongst endodontists the incidence of percutaneous injuries, the circumstances associated with them, the therapeutic measures taken after the injuries and their compliance with infection control measures. Materials and Method: Information on percutaneous injuries and infection control practices were gathered from one hundred and forty endodontists through a questionnaire form. Data was analysed using independent samples t-test. The level of significance was set at p?0.05. Results: Endodontic files were associated with 66% of the injuries and fingers were injured in 75% of the most recent cases. Medical assistance was sought in 36% of the most recent injuries. Endodontists, who always or usually practiced 4-handed endodontics (p?0.007) as well as those not performing surgical endodontics (p?0.007) reported significantly fewer injuries. In 91% of the participants, a complete hepatitis B virus vaccination was reported. Gloves, Double gloves, Long sleeve labcoat and puncture-resistant containers for disposal of sharp instruments were always used by 92.6%, 58%, 19% and 63.4% of the respondents respectively. Conclusion: The practice of four-handed endodontics was associated with reduced number of percutaneous injuries but the performance of surgical endodontics increased their incidence. Also the endodontists showed a high level of compliance with infection control measures.