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Rehabilitation of a Partial Rhinectomy Patient with Eyeglass Supported Provisional Nasal Prosthesis A Case Report

Dipti Shah, Kalpesh Vaishnav, Sareen Duseja, Saloni Naik.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Acquired facial defects caused by extirpation of neoplasms, congenital malformations or traumatic injury results in a huge functional, cosmetic and psychological handicap in those patients. These defects can be restored by facial prosthesis using different materials and retention methods to achieve a life-like appearance and function. This clinical report describes a treatment schedule using mechanically retained poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin nasal prosthesis for a patient who has undergone a partial rhinectomy due to squamous cell carcinoma of the nose. The prosthesis was made to restore the esthetic appearance of patient with mechanically retained spectacle glass frame prosthesis without any prosthetic adhesives so that the patient is more comfortable and confident to resume daily activities.