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Evaluation of Recurring Esthetic Dental Proportion in Natural Mandibular Anterior Dentition

Dipti S Shah, Kalpesh Vaishnav, Sareen Duseja, Rima S Sheth.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: The concept of the Recurring esthetic dental (RED) proportion is useful in diagnosing and developing symmetry, dominance and proportion for esthetically pleasing smiles. This study was undertaken to evaluate validity of RED proportion in mandibular anterior teeth. Materials and Method: One hundred and three subjects in age group of 50 yrs. and more were selected for the study. Photographs of subjects were taken using Nikon D200 camera with 135mm lens and analyzed using Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended software. The widths of mandibular central incisor, lateral incisor and canine were measured with this software and their successive proportions were calculated. Results: After calculating proportions in mandibular anterior teeth, P value was found to be statistically insignificant (P>0.05). Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, RED proportion was not seen in mandibular natural dentition.