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Evaluation of Preformed Stainless Steel Crowns Crazing by Various Sterilization Methods of Steam Autoclave: A Pilot Study

Shital DP Kiran, Megha C Patel, Rohan Bhatt, Kuntal Bhatt.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: To evaluate the crazing of preformed stainless steel crowns by two different temperatures of autoclave sterilization. Materials and Method: 15 stainless steel crowns (3M ESP) were divided into 3 groups namely Group 1(G1) which was taken as control, Group 2(G2) which underwent Steam autoclaving at 121c, 15psi pressure for 20 minutes and Group 3(G3) which underwent Steam autoclaving at 132c, 30psi pressure for 8 min. The changes on the vestibular surface were then scored for presence or absence of crazing by using stereomicroscopy. The data was then analysed. Results: In control group the surface was relatively smooth when observed under stereomicroscope. However, in Group 2 cracks involving one-third to one-half of the surface were seen under stereomicroscope. Similar results were obtained in Group 3. Conclusion: Technique of steam autoclaving of sterilization has harmful effect on the surface of stainless steel crowns.