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Pattern and Knowledge of Wrights Modification of Frankls Behavior Rating Scale Followed among Postgraduate Students of Pediatric Dentistry in Ahmedabad City A Survey

Shital Kiran, Rohan Bhatt, Megha Patel, Nilay Shah.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Aim: To check the knowledge and technique of Wrights modification of Frankls behavior rating scale among postgraduate students of pediatric dentistry in Ahmedabad city. Materials and Method: 21 postgraduate students studying in pediatric dentistry of different colleges from Ahmedabad city were selected. A questionnaire containing various questions regarding Wrights modification of Frankls behavior rating scale was asked to fill. Result: The results suggested that they use this scale routinely and rate it properly but there are differences in timing of the rating. Conclusion: All Post Graduate students in pediatric dentistry from Ahmedabad city colleges use Wrights modification of Frankl behavior rating scale routinely and correctly.