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Prosthetic Rehabilitation by Palatal Hollow Bulb Obturator with Cast Metal Denture Base: A Case Report

George Francis, Paul Kariyatty, Joseph lijo, Mathew M Alani, Pramod PS, Donny Philip Varughese.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Prosthetic reconstruction of partial maxillectomy defects is a challenging procedure that requires multidisciplinary expertise to achieve an acceptable function, speech and esthetics. This procedure improves the quality of life for the patient as a normal individual. Obturation of the defect depends on its volume and position of remaining hard and soft tissues which determine the retention, stability and support for the prosthesis. The prosthesis should be simple to handle, easy to maintain, biocompatible, light in weight and convenient for future adjustments. This case report describes a clinical case of partial maxillectomy which was successfully rehabilitated with a definitive closed hollow bulb obturator and cast metal denture base.