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Nikita Sergeevich Drozdovsky; Pavel Vladimirovich Dvoryaninov; Yaroslav Yurievich Lenskiy

Journal Title:Theoretical & Applied Science

Many tasks can be solved by means of one of the most powerful mathematical tools counts. And if defined that this task a task on columns, it can already be considered a half of the carried-out task. But solving such problems if data can be presented not only in the form counts but also as trees, then it is possible to construct very effective decision. It is possible to present any structure or system in the form of counts, from system of transportation to a data transmission network. They can be even more useful if to add to them additional data like scales or distances, it gives the chance to describe such difficulties as forecasting of game in chess or definition of suitable work for the person proceeding from his opportunities. Trees represent a special type of counts so the most part of algorithms and representations of counts work and for them. Due to their special parameters, it is possible to apply special versions of algorithms and representations. In practice there are cases when structures which need to be presented in the form of trees meet. Thus these such cases pretty general.