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Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) Reception and Transmission for LTE-Advanced/4G

Satnam Singh, Amit Kumar, Dr.Sawtantar Singh Khurmi, Tanvir Singh

Journal Title:International Journal on Computer Science and Technology

Wireless data usage is increasing at a phenomenal rate and driving the need for continued innovations in wireless data technologies to provide more capacity and higher quality of service. In order to meet all the requirements of IMT-Advanced as defined by ITU for LTE-Advanced/4G, several key technology components have been investigated 3GPP. In addition to relaying and repeater solutions to enhance coverage and cell edge data rates, Coordinated Multi-Point transmission/reception (CoMP) is considered by 3GPP as a tool to improve coverage, cell-edge throughput and system efficiency. This paper provides a brief insight in to the technologies including its architecture, working and challenges in the deployment of CoMP.