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Sustainability in Wireless Mobile Communication Networks through Alternative Energy Resources

Amit Kumar; Dr. Yunfei Liu; Dr. Manu Sood; Tanvir Singh; Sunder Gopal Singh

Journal Title:International Journal on Computer Science and Technology

The combination of rising energy costs and our insatiable appetite for technology advancements will lead to significant environmental impact unless aggressively addressed by a unified strategy. The explosive development of ICT (information and communication technology) industry has emerged as one of the major sources of world energy consumption. In fact ICT industry ranks among the top energy consumers, with 2% to 10% energy consumption in the world. This paper addresses the energy optimization of wireless mobile networks through alternative energy resources in wireless mobile communication to tread the path of energy sustainability. The study includes the overview of alternative energy resources like wind power, solar power, including their economic, environmental and social impact on wireless mobile communication networks.