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Growth, seed cotton yield and yield attributes of American cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) hybrids under different spacing and nitrogen levels


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Field studies were conducted at Punjab Agricultural University, Regional Station, Faridkot during Kharif 2013 to evaluate the performance of two hirsutum hybrids (FHH200 and LHH144) in main, two spacing levels (67.575 cm and 67.590 cm) in sub and three nitrogen levels (i.e. 112,150 and 187 kg N/ha) in sub plots of Split Plot Design replicated thrice. FHH200 recorded significantly highest seed cotton yield (SCY) of 2953.1 kg/ha followed by LHH144 (2495.2 kg/ha), while among spacing levels differences were non-significant. Among tested N levels, 150 kg N resulted in highest SCY (2868.1 kg/ha) followed by 187kg N (2738.1 kg/ha) while statistically least SCY was recorded with 112 kg N (2566.3 kg/ha). Though cost of cultivation increased with each increase of nutrient levels, but gross as well as net returns improved significantly only up to 100 per cent RD and declined thereafter. B:C ratio was significantly higher under 150kg N/ha (2.34) as compared to 187 kgN/ha (2.15). Farmers should opt for FHH200 and a spacing level of 67.575cm for hirsutum hybrids and must apply N @150kg/ha to realize higher SCY and consequently remunerative returns.