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Effect of agronomic manipulations on growth, yield attributes and seed cotton yield of American cotton under semi-arid conditions


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Field studies were conducted at Punjab Agricultural University, Regional Station, Faridkot during Kharif 2012 to evaluate the performance of three hirsutum genotypes (Bihani251, CSH3129 and LH2076) in main, two plant geometries (67.560 cm and 67.575 cm) in sub and three nitrogen levels (56, 75 and 94 kg N/ha) in sub plots of Split Plot Design replicated thrice. None of the tested new genotypes i.e. Bihani 251 (2074.5 kg/ha) and CSH3129 (1969.6 kg/ha) could out yield check variety LH2076 (2281.1 kg/ha). Among plant geometries, 67.560 cm recorded significantly better SCY (2258.7 kg/ha) as compared to 67.575 cm spacing (1958.1 kg/ha) primarily owing to higher plant population though bolls per plant were significantly superior under wider (44.6) over the narrow (40.9) plant geometry. Seed cotton yield also differed non-significantly for nitrogen levels. Though cost of cultivation increased statistically with each increase of nutrient levels, but gross as well as net returns and B:C ratio could not improve significantly indicating 56 kg N to be optimum level under semi-arid conditions.