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Sustainable Energy Efficiency in ICT: Role of PV Cells

Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh, Satnam Singh, Dr. Sawtantar Singh

Journal Title:International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a rapidly evolving economic sector with many directions of development and the technology analysts estimate that the manufacture, use and disposal of ICT equipment contribute around 2% of global emissions of carbon dioxide. The growth rate of ICT energy consumption caused by increasing network penetration and explosion of data traffic is significant (about 7% per year), resulting in the situation that in spite of increasing energy efficiency of the network, the ICT-related share of worldwide energy consumption may increase dramatically in the longer term if no measures are taken. Renewable energy sources, such as wind power, solar energy, photovoltaic (PVs), geothermal heat, biomass, marine and hydro power; can help reduce our dependence on energy from fossil fuels. In this paper, we have reviewed the PV cells and their vital role to achieve the sustainable energy efficiency in ICT.