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Water-Related Architecture as an Identity Anchor of Chanderi-Madhya Pradesh, India

K. Shubhangi and D. Shireesh

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Water is life, since time immemorial settlements have sprung up along water-edges and around water sources. Documentation displays records of these ancient step wells, some being as old as 300-500 year old are still in good condition structurally and to this date perform its original function of collecting and storing water for dry seasons. Majority of the wells are being used by the natives on a daily basis. Awe-inspiring stepwells found in the region of Chanderi town-Madhya Pradesh in India, have been designed for storing water for performing the function of water conservation giving rise to architectonic typologies from cultural to functional and recreational spaces. Distinct relation between water and building typologies are a unique architectural contribution of Indian Water Architecture to the world. This paper represents exemplaries of water structures of Chanderi having architectural and aesthetical significance