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Study on importance of floricultural crops and aesthetic components in determining designs of landscape gardens


Journal Title:Journal of Crop and Weed

Design of landscape gardens are created by plotting different parameters which are in one hand made through floricultural crops and others remain directly as aesthetic components made by other than flower crops in a stretch of land. Efforts were made to study the importance of these components while one should considered before going to design a landscape garden. Hence, 42 gardens from different districts of West Bengal were purposively selected and 20 parameters were standardized (by asking questionnaire and after consulting with several expert and professional in this arena). Floricultural components were herbaceous border and shrubbery border. Aesthetic components were different garden features. Components like focal point, colour arrangement and cost involvement were produced through mingling effect of flower crops and aesthetic components. In most of the gardens herbaceous border and shrubbery border were just maintained revealing 38.1% and 52.4% of the total gardens respectively. Most of the designer preferred to install garden features more than six in number reporting 61.9% of total gardens. It was reported that gardens consisting of one focal point were most acceptable. Foliage arrangement (50% of total gardens) as a garden component was followed in every where whether the garden was situated in drier tracts or hilly areas or in plains. Cost of establishment of a garden was a determining factor for designing a garden. Cost of establishment (upto Rupees 10 lakhs) of a garden was recorded maximum (7.1% of total gardens) in the year of 2008 (some gardens were not completed yet).