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YANG CAO Nanjing Normal University Fine art School, 1st Wen Yuan Road, Nanjing Jiangsu province 210046, China

Journal Title:Research Journal of English Language and Literature

More and more Chinese University offer 3D animation courses to students. The Chinese-English bilingual teaching becomes one kind of choice in the course. 3D animation bilingual teaching mode is a thematic teaching method, an advanced mode of the Chinese-English bilingual teaching. The Chinese-English bilingual education practiced in China from the beginning of the 20 century, but it is still a new area in animation subject. Learning advanced animation concepts and precious experiences from foreign countries is quite necessary for promoting the industry of Chinese animation while bilingual education is so helpful to quick dissemination of advanced knowledge. 3D animation Chinese-English bilingual teaching in China has own strategies for actual teaching including: stimulating student's interest with appreciation, helping students memorize specialized vocabularies under animation software teaching, Compare learning between the original textbook and the translation version, making full use of Internet information for better practice, participating overseas exchange students program. The final purpose of education is not to teach existing knowledge but to induce the creative power of human beings and to arouse the sense of life and sense of worth. Animation education does not only involve academic research, occupation training and software training, but also is more of cultivation of creativity. And bilingual education is just one of the essential channels to stimulate creativity. Key words: 3D animation, bilingual, thematic teaching