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The 10 Ps of Stroke: a Simple Strategy for Understanding Stroke Etiology and Management

Laurie Schluter ,Joe Tarsia,Alyana Samai BHS,Sheryl Martin Schild

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The evaluation and management of strokevaries between patients due to differences in individual physiology and disease progression. The goal of this article is to provide health care professionals with a comprehensive resource that adequately catalogs the causes and physiological mechanisms of stroke, as well as diagnostic testing techniques and effective therapeutic interventions relevant to stroke care. This article examines what we consider at our center to be the core factors in ischemic stroke that areconsidered for each patient to deliver effective individualized care. These variables form a vital patient profile summarized in a mnemonic called the Ps of Stroke. The Ps encompass the influence and significance of cardiac dysfunction (pump), blood pressure, perfusate, arterial blood flow/vasculature (pipes), cerebralblood flow (plumbing), perfusion, parenchyma, penumbra, physical rehabilitation and recovery, and prevention with relation to acute ischemic stroke (AIS) assessment and treatment