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The Utility of Positron Emission Tomography Scanning in Parkinsons Disease

Dr. Jason Seewoodhary1 ,Dr. Stephen Wong MD FRCP (UK)2

Journal Title:American Research Journal of Medicine and surgery

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) can visualise progression of Parkinsonian pathophysiology from early- through to end-stage disease generating objective quantitative longitudinal data, which enables assessing responses to treatment. The utility of PET scanning in the management of Parkinson's Disease is further exemplified by: refining the differential diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease as a distinct neurochemical entity; monitoring the efficacy of foetal nigral tissue transplantation; assessing the effects of surgical interventions such as deep brain stimulation; and guiding clinical management by studying the effects of drug-induced adverse effects. This concise review critically considers the role of PET scanning in the management of Parkinsons Disease.