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Paving the Way for Implant Placement for an Auricular Prosthesis

Dipti S Shah, Kartik R. Morjaria, Kalpesh C Vaishnav, Pankaj R Patel, Aumkar R. Trivedi.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Ideal placement of bone integrated implants to retain a prosthesis is critical for a successful final prosthetic restoration. Several sources have described the importance and use of surgical templates for the optimal placement of extraoral implants. The literature is replete with information explaining the use of surgical templates for intraoral implant placement. Indeed, correct placement of implants facilitates creating a prosthesis that functions well and looks natural. To ensure proper implant placement, considerable effort should go into pre-surgical planning. It is clear that extraoral surgical templates aid in proper implant placement, yet the literature describing fabrication is limited. This article describes different methods for fabrication of surgical template for placement of implants for an auricular prosthesis.