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The status of newly graduated nurses being subjected to violence

Sevgul Donmez, Sureyya Gumussoy

Journal Title:International Medicine

Background: Violence is an important social health issue that can be seen in all fields of human life and it has been gradually rising all over the world. Violence has been spreading into areas like schools, hospitals, public institutions and threaten social peace and creates stress. This research was planned to determine the status of newly graduated nurses being subjected to violence in the fields of application during undergraduate education. Methods: The research was carried out descriptively between June to August 2018 with 267 nurses who subscribed to Internet sites and groups that were constituted related to the nursing profession. As a data collection tool, an online prepared “Identification Form” containing 22 questions was used. During the evaluation of data average, number, and percentage were used. Results: It was identified that 84.6% of nurses were exposed to verbal violence, 2.2% to physical violence, and 4.9% sexual violence throughout the undergraduate education. When the job performance of nurse who suffered from violence was scrutinized it was observed that 79.0%’s motivation decreased, 58.1% thought that their profession was not respected, 36.7% delineated from occupation, 19.9% thought that they could not overcome the difficulties of the occupation, and 19.5% though to quit occupation. Conclusions: It was determined that the type of violence that nurses often exposed to at the fields of the application was verbal violence. They frequently received violence from patient relatives and their post-violence job performance and professional perception were influenced negatively.