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Service Selection by Predicting Website Attender Information

Prof. Dr. Zafer Agdelen; Dr. Amir Reza Shahbazkia

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Web services are becoming a common and convenient means of doing business over the Internet. More-and-more web services are kept on arriving over the Internet, offering the same set of services to the end users. The availability of simi lar web services increases the complexity of discovery as well as the selection process of web services. The traditional way of discovery of web service involves keyword based searching followed by manual selection. The keyword based search is not efficient. In this paper, we have used an improved mechanism for web service selection based on biorhythm, age, time of attendance and origin society of the user. As interest in website owners arises not only to keep their customers but also increase them to get more income. By attracting customers more than any other competitors the chance to be the winner in this competition arises. Improving in business has number of rules which sellers should obey. The business rules such as negotiation, body language, time management, and selling strategy have been completely discussed in M.B.A And D.B.A courses. At the same time, for websites there is not that much information. In this study we are going to introduce new rules for websites to act more attractive. Company managers before any negotiation, should choose the best negotiator. This duty has different step. Important step is that the negotiators should be studied different courses related to strategy of negotiation. Second step is to realize biorhythm, not only for the company speakers but also for the other side as well. Now a day’s websites are an important negotiator for any companies.