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Going Beyond the Conventional Approach - Liquid Supported Denture: A Case Report

Dipti S Shah, Amit M Nebhani, Kalpesh C Vaishnav, Pankaj R Patel, Dhaara M Rana.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: The concept of conditioning oral mucosa has gained momentum over the last few years. Different tissue conditioning materials and soft liners have been used for this purpose. But the limitations of these materials has led to the introduction of liquid-supported dentures, which is a newer alternative to conventional complete denture prosthesis in cases with inflamed tissues, atrophic and severely resorbed edentulous ridges. Liquid supported Denture consists of a base which is covered with a preshaped close fitting flexible foil containing a thin film of high viscosity liquid which cushions the underlying tissues. This case report describes fabrication of liquid-supported dentures for patients with compromised tissues.