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Double Mesiodentes, Bilateral to Midline: A Report of Two Uncommon Cases

Avina Banari

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Spontaneously erupted double mesiodentes, bilateral to midline are extremely rare and can alter both occlusion and appearance by affecting the eruption path, position, inclination and axial rotation of the maxillary permanent incisors. Case Report: Two cases of uncommon occurrence of spontaneously erupted double mesiodentes, bilateral to midline are presented here. The first case report highlights a situation where in treatment has been sought due to esthetic concerns arising, following a spontaneous eruption of bilateral mesiodentes. The second case report highlights a situation wherein there has been disturbances related to increasing diastema, axial rotation and inclination of erupted permanent central incisors caused due to spontaneously erupted double mesiodentes with incidental radiographic finding of congenitally missing permanent maxillary lateral incisors. In both the cases, clinical and radiographic findings clinched the diagnosis and prompt extraction of the mesiodentes was undertaken to reduce the extent of possible future complications and orthodontic treatment. Conclusion: Early diagnosis allows for minimization of the treatment required and prevents development of associated problems. Extraction of the mesiodentes in the early mixed dentition stage may facilitate good alignment of incisors, while minimizing orthodontic intervention for space loss, diastema and midline shift.