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Cast Metal Occlusals: A Vital Tool for Single Complete Denture: A Case Report

Dipti S Shah, Hirenkumar C Rana, Kalpesh C Vaishnav,Pankaj R Patel,Sareen Duseja.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Occlusal surface of the acrylic teeth of a single complete denture in opposition to natural dentition wears out with its use for a longer period of time, which may lead to decrease in the chewing efficiency, loss of vertical dimension of occlusion, change in centric occlusion, denture instability, temporomandibular joint disturbances etc. Re-fabrication of new denture set over a period of time, inclusion of highly cross linked acrylic teeth, amalgam or metal inserts on occlusal surface, use of composite, gold or metal occlusal surface, etc. are some of the treatment options available to counteract that problem. Several articles have described methods to construct gold and metal occlusal surfaces, some of which are time-consuming, expensive and require many cumbersome steps. This clinical case describes the sequence of steps for construction of metal occlusal surfaces on single complete denture using the lost wax technique.