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A Mandibular Second Premolar with Three Canals and Atypical Orifices

Neha Agarwal, Hardik Mevada, Sagar Bumtaria.

Journal Title:Advances in Human Biology

Background: Mandibular second premolars with three canals (Type V, Vertucci) and separate foramina are very rare. The anatomy of the pulp chamber floor in these premolars usually reveals one lingual and two buccal orifices at the same level. This case report describes a second premolar with three canals and an unusual pulpal floor anatomy with one mesiobuccal and one distobuccal orifice at the same level and an orifice on the distolingual wall. Very careful examination of the pulpal space with an optical device and preoperative spiral computed tomography is recommended to locate any unusual orifices.