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Recent Developments in Extraction Methods of Pesticides from Biological Samples: A Review

Neha Jain

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Forensic Science

Pesticides are the most commonly encountered toxic substances in almost every substrate which includes any environmental sample like water, soil, fruits, vegetables or any biological sample involving viscera, blood, urine and other body fluids. This occurrence of pesticides in the biological samples is because of their tendency of deposition and accumulation in the adipose tissues of the body. The determination of these pesticides from the biological samples (viscera and other body fluids) begins with their successful extraction and isolation from the matrix. The procedure of extraction and isolation depends on the nature of the matrix and also on the selection of the method that utilizes minimum amount of solvent and is capable of providing high yield. Various methods has been developed for this purpose and used to carry out the isolation of these pesticides from the viscera sample, blood and urine and other body fluids. Numerous studies has been conducted to find out the best method to achieve this like liquid liquid extraction, solid phase extraction, and the recent ones including accelerated solvent extraction and others. In this paper a various methods that have been used for the extraction of pesticides from the biological samples is reviewed for determining the best suitable method which has the tendency to provide the results free from the matrix contaminants and have maximum amount of recovery. Key Words: biological Evidences, determination of pesticides from biological samples