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Importance of Graphological Studies in Forensic Science: A Review

Kratika Mishra

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Forensic Science

Graphology is a scientific method of identification, evaluation and understanding the personality of an individual. Personality mainly comprises the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior which imparts uniqueness to a person. Graphology is not only concerned with the written symbol itself, but also with the symbol's expressive value i.e. it does not depends on the matter in what context the symbol is used or whether it is neat or untidy but rather it focus on what the symbol suggests about the writer. Graphology is found to be useful for the retrieval of information related to the health issues, morality and past experiences to hidden talents, and mental problems. This present study deals with the reliability and validity of this method in the field of forensic science for the sake of dealing with criminal mind. Key Words: Graphology, Forensic Science, Handwriting, reliability, validity. Criminal mind.