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Traced Forgery – A Case Study

Afreen Tarannum

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Forensic Science

In today scenario signature has great importance, as every individual signs his or her name once daily or several times in a day. Due to frequent use of the signature, the question often arises that whether the signature is genuine or not. Signature Forgery simply means altering any signature with the intent to defraud which could be executed by numerous methods. One of the method which is discussed in this case is traced forgery, which means reproducing the exact copy of the genuine signature. Traced forgery is executed by using carbon paper, indented tracing, tracing paper, transmitted light or scanned image. Forensic Document Examiner examines the every minute details of the traced signatures and conclude whether the questioned signature shows the resemblance and similar mathematical measurements in respect of model signature or not. Here in this paper, a case has been taken in which three disputed signatures is examined for giving probable conclusion. First the inter-se comparison of questioned is done followed by the comparison of signatures with admitted for finding the origin of the questioned signature. The result in this particular case, revealed that the three disputed signature exactly superimpose with slight adjustment. Keywords: Handwritten Signatures, Forgery, Tracing