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Middle Childhood Health with Special Reference to Nutritional Status and Body-Mass Index

Nirja Singh

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Anthropological Studies

The middle childhood years are a unique developmental time when children undergo critical physical, cognitive, and social changes. Monitoring of growth and development during this stage is important for improving overall health. Further, culturally based interventions are known to have better success rate in improving access and utilization of health services. In this regard, the present paper has been conducted to know about the status of the middle childhood health with reference to nutritional status and BMI among the Pasi of Lucknow city, which is one of the largest scheduled caste (SC) groups of Uttar Pradesh, India. The study includes sample of 300 Pasi children, belonging to age group of 6 - 11 years, selected through random sampling. It is found that in these people intake of food is to fill the stomach or overcome the hunger rather than for health. It is fact of quantity versus quality and need versus awareness. The reflection of nutritional intake in food through body mass index shows that there is an imbalance not only in the kind of nutrient intake but also in the quantity (calorie intake). The findings of the study have also been compared with other significant national and international studies. Key Words: Middle Childhood, Scheduled Caste, Health, Nutrition, BMI.