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Sexual Dimorphism from Hand Measurement: A Comparative approach

Kratika Mishra

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Anthropological Studies

Sexual dimorphism is considered as the foremost and significant criteria for establishing the identity of an individual such as in the cases of mass disaster for the identification of mutilated bodies, any medico legal practices. It can be realized that the measurement of hand with the help of anthropometric measurement was used as a tool for sex determination. Hence there are various research work which is being in process for assessing the sex, stature, race etc. of an individual with the help of the anthropometric measurement. The anthropometric measurement of hand, foot, ear etc. are useful in the determination of sex of an individual. The present study is based on the hand dimensions which is helpful in discriminating the male and female so as to investigate and predict the sex of an individual. This research work is useful in the investigation of various criminal cases, or the case related with any disaster where the determination of sex is difficult. Key Words: Sexual Dimorphism, Anthropometric measurement, Hand dimensions, Medico-legal practice