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Sexual Dimorphism Based on Comparative Study of Anthropometric Measurements of External Ear in Indian Population

Neha Jain

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Anthropological Studies

Anthropometric measurements are considered to be a significant part while studying physical anthropology. This branch of physical anthropology involves measurements of the human beings in order to understand the physical variations occurred in humans on the basis of measurements of their morphological and physiological traits. External ear morphometric measurement is also an attribute of such anthropological studies which helps in determining the age, gender but also leads to successful identification of an individual. In the present study also, some physiognomic characteristics of external ear (shape of external ear and variation in ear lobe) along with the morphometric measurements and normal dimensions of total ear length and width (both right and left external ear) are taken from the population of India (North India) comprises of 100 individuals. The sampling procedure involves measurement from both males and females so as to make a comparison in such parameters which helps in determining the gender differences and thereby creates a data which leads to successful sexual dimorphism. Key Words: External ear, anthropometric measurements, physical variations, physiognomic characteristics, sexual dimorphism