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Frequency and distribution of ABO and Rh blood group in North Indian population

Priyanka Singh

Journal Title:Academic Journal of Anthropological Studies

ABO blood group is often known as a histo - blood group system as its antigens are expressed on the surface of the red blood cells and in addition to that also present on most of the tissues and in soluble forms in the secretions. The second most important blood group system is the Rhesus system and it is categorized into two group Rh positive and Rh negative. Both the ABO and Rh blood group system are important for blood transfusion, organ transplantation, paternal testing, legal medicine, population genetic study and also in the field of forensic science investigation purposes. The study was conducted to determine the frequency of ABO and Rh blood group in Northern India Population (Delhi and nearby states). The Blood was collected from the voluntarily participated donors and blood group was determined by simple agglutination method. During the study total 584 donors were screened and the results showed that the commonest ABO blood group was O (40.70%) followed by B (30.79%), A (17.56%) and AB (10.95%), Rh positive 82.85% and Rh negative 17.15% were found. In males the O (25.75%) positive was more common while in female B (35.45%) positive blood group was more common. Key Words: ABO, Rhesus factor, Blood groups, Antigens, Agglutination.