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The New Trend: Using AI for Building the Future Workforce

Shazia Asif

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

Digital technologies are rapidly evolving and disrupting different areas of business including Human Resource (HR practices). Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a transformational impact on businesses as it is shifting the dynamics of business practices and aiding businesses to gain competitive advantage. Organizations are investing heavily in AI applications to unlock value and generate economic benefits. AI adopters expect to grow their profit margins more than their peers. HR is a key department that is responsible to oversee recruitment, training and development, compensation, and employee engagement within an organization. In order to cater the future needs, employers therefore need to shift from traditional approaches towards more automated systems. As the workforce is a key asset and the building block for the success of the organization, it is necessary to provide HR professionals support by adopting new technology models in the work processes. AI is playing a crucial role in assisting the workforce and extending support in several tasks. The aim of the paper is to introduce AI trends that will redefine human resource management. This paper explores the innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence that are of particular importance to HR practices. It provides insight into the role of AI in shaping the UAE economy and its workforce. Testimonies from both the government and other sources reflect the success of AI in mitigating the skills of employees as a productive workforce.