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The 5As Framework: Exploring The Fundamental Roles and Responsibilities of Organization Development Consultants

Justine Chinoperekweyi

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

The understanding of educative and technical qualities of Organization Development Consultants is central to the achievement of Organization Development (OD) outcomes. The extent of volatility and uncertainty in the business operating environment calls for a clear awareness of the roles and responsibilities of consultants. To enhance the qualities of OD Consultants, there is need to improve the current education, training, and development programs and align them to the basic principles of systematic progression and growth at individual, institutional, and inclusive levels. This article elaborates the five main roles and responsibilities of OD Consultants based on a social constructivist perspective. The roles and responsibilities are drawn through scholarly and applied engagement. The article is informed by the technical and adaptive challenges in the post-normal business environment. A qualitative design was adopted in developing this article because it provides opportunities to further investigate the multidimensional issue and gaining deeper understanding on the subject. The article concludes that building high performance organizations can be enhanced through the adoption of an integrative approach to OD Consulting.