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Appreciative Leadership And Its Importance In Organization Development (OD) - Application To Uzbekistan

Azimjon Abdirakhmonov

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

This article is informed by my studies on Organization Leadership and Development. I enrolled for this professional certification program in 2018 after my engagement with Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi, who happens to be the ‘Director: Academics and Programs’ at Centre for Organization Leadership and Development (COLD). The theory and practice of organization leadership and development are essential in enhancing entrepreneurship and the cultivation of essential leadership skills. The study of Organization Leadership and Development gives insight on how to create and effectively control businesses. This article submits that OD tools and techniques are fundamental to organizational effectiveness. The main purpose of this article is to explore the meaning and role of Appreciative Leadership in organization development within the Uzbekistan context. This article relied on primary and secondary information. Primary information is derived straight from the original source through questionnaires and interviews. Secondary information refers to information that has been interpreted by somebody other than the current researcher. The sources of secondary data used for this article include journals, books, websites, and other publications. Secondary information can be in any format, including written, visual, electronic or oral. It remains unchanged, for example autobiographies and diaries.