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Harnessing OD Theory, Practice, and Interventions as Strategic Imperative for Organizational Effectiveness

Justine Chinoperekweyi

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

The thinking and incorporation of Organization Development (OD) skills training for directors, C-suites, managers and other work groups is a strategic imperative for building high-performance organizations. Most business literature, discussions and training focuses on the skills of organizational members in the areas of economics, audit, finance, banking, business administration, accounting, and law. Most of the capacity and professional development programs exclude other key organizational work groups, particularly those at the lower level of the organization’s hierarchy. The failure to be integrative and explicitly focus on organization development skills in and outside of the corporate boardrooms significantly affects coherence, adaptability and organization renewal. Boards, C-suites, and managers must proactively consider the opportunities that come with holistically embedding OD principles and practices in their operational and strategic roadmaps. This article discusses the significance of organization development skills among all work groups, C-suites, and directors. The promotion of OD skills among directors, C-suites and managers has a tectonic impact on the effectiveness of the entire organization.