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Achieving Excellence through Employee Attitude Development

Avilla Dororosa Goba

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

Employee attitudes affect organizational effectiveness. The organization’s ability to cultivate positive employee attitudes drives excellence and positive results. However, the cultivation of right attitudes among individual employees cannot be viewed as the sole responsibility of the organization. To complement organization’s effort, individual employees must willingly develop and exhibit the right attitude at work. More so, the extent of employee diversity in the workplace demands that employees adopt a generation-wide attitude adjustment that fosters collaboration, cooperation, and corporate community mindset. Employees should exhibit glowing behaviors or attitudes that value quality and excellence. Examples of these positive attitudes include: enthusiastic, ‘can-do’ attitude, innovative ideas, courteous and friendly, meeting deadlines, taking responsibility, punctuality, and respect for others. These attitudes are highly intolerant to mediocrity hence essential to building high performance organizations. There are two ways to nurture these attitudes among employees: institutional strategies and individual approaches. These methods should be used cumulatively or as complements to each other. Developing attitudes that value quality and excellence does not come naturally, but need to be deliberately stimulated through the institutional and individual approaches. In view of the quest to develop sustainable organizations, it is imperative that organizations invest time and effort to explicitly and regularly discuss attitude issues.